Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial  Window Cleaning Services


Interior and exterior High Rise window cleaning

keeping your business image spotless in the public eyes is of utmost importance. Consider keeping windows of your company shining and scratch-free with our cleaning services in Los Angeles

Whether monthly, bi-annually, quarterly or once a year, MNZ Janitorial Services does windows like a pro! We handle window and glass cleaning jobs for all types of businesses and organizations.

Trained For Commercial Window Cleaning in Los Angeles

We understand the challenges that come along with cleaning windows for high-rise buildings in the crowded City-Los Angeles. Often neglected, glass windows can become unsightly to the eyes of the visitors and the general public.

From the never-ending onslaught of air pollutants, bird poops to fine cracks, window glasses suffer prolong damage over a period of time.

Welcome MNZ team that has decades of experience in commercial cleaning and washing glass windows without compromising on quality and safety.Our cleaners are skilled and trained to use advanced equipment to keep your buildings exterior neat and tidy.

We use environment-friendly glass and window cleaning products and techniques. Run your business day as usual while our cleaning team does itsjob! Our window cleaners are available any time, even after the day closing and day porter services in LosAngeles.

 Let us know a convenient time and day so that we can arrange the best cleaners for the job!

Our CommonMethods for Cleaning Windows Include

  • Window Pressure Washing
  • Water Fed Pole (WFP) System
  • Rope Access
  • Manual Cleaning

MNZ team representatives will visit the site before ascertaining the logistics involved in cleaning windows for your office or commercial business in LA.This on-site inspection is free of cost, and you’ll pay only for the main cleaning job after 100% satisfaction.

Aside from windows, our staff can also extend cleaning services for hard-to-access glass railings, mirrors, canopies, skylights, etc. Contact us today to schedule a window cleaning and building maintenance day for your company!

How Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits Your Business?

Commercial janitorial services are instrumental for sustainable growth of business and organizations of all types. From cleaning floors,windows to any other part of the building, there are a host of benefits lying underneath as mentioned below:

  • Public Image
    Untidy windows are highly embarrassing for any businesses specially if frequented by customers, partners or any other stakeholders.Having squeaky clean windows exude an elegance that uplifts the exterior of your business building and sends inviting vibes for people.  
  • Prevents Future Damage
    Having a timely schedule for window cleaning and maintenance discourage the proliferation of dirt and mold formation. Such calculated decisions save reasonable bucks in highly specialized commercial window cleaning in Los Angeles.
  • Best & Sustainable Cleaning
    Partnering with industry-recognized companies such as MNZ ensures that windows do not suffer temporary results after using sub-standard quality cleaning solutions. We use environment-friendly cleaning solutions that promise last longing janitorial and cleaning results for windows, floors, or the entire building in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
  • Great Value
    Save your time, effort and money, by hiring a professional company for your daily, occasional and emergency commercial window cleaning needs anywhere in Los Angeles. Having a licensed and insured company like MNZ saves you from spending oodles of money in frequent window cleaning.  Any unexpected turn of events while cleaning is fully covered. We do not charge a penny extra if customers are not 100%satisfied.

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